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About us

About us

In 1970, I bought my first beetle followed by countless other aircooled VWs.
Today, I own 3 beetles (all bought in the 70s) , four busses and a Westfalia-trailer.

After years of working on my cars and collecting parts I discovered that I meanwhile had way too many spare-parts for my own vehicles stored and I began to sell one or the other.
In 1977, my first "catalogue" was published and Veteranen-Service was founded.

Today, even small parts cover more than 500qm, as it is our aim to store as many parts as possible to be ready for delivery when an order comes in.

Wold-wide suppliers enable us to provide most of the spare-parts and accessories in different qualities. Meanwhile, we even manufacture about 200 products ourselves.
Mostly we offer reproductions and only a few seldom used parts. In addition we have some reconditioned parts in exchange.

If you want to repair or even restore a beetle or a bus we at Veteranen-Service are the perfect partner for you. Our catalogues will become an indispensable help.
It took years of in-depth research to prepare them. This is, first of all, for your information and to help you to do a faithful job on your car.

We conciously refrained from using glossy prints as we think: the most detailed information will help you more than colourful pictures.

Naturally, all members of our team drive aircooled "Wolfsburgers" which they restore and repair themselves and are therefore able to help you with any problem anytime.

...and when will you come to us ?

Bernd Gerhards